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A NEW face for Authentic Self

Even though I promised I’d get The Center back to normal in January, I couldn’t follow through because my spirit wasn’t in it.

I’ve got new plans.

And I wanted to update you, even though things are VERY new.

The Center for Authentic Self Development is undergoing changes.
I’ll still be focusing on the authentic self, but my new focus in on helping parents create happier, healthier lifestyles for their families.

I’m a cloth diapering, babywearing, cosleeping, babyled-weaning, extended breastfeeding, animal loving, child loving, happy, crunchy mama  and I’m excited to help you become one too!

SIGN  UP if you’re interested in joining me as I get started :-) (I’d love new friends as well as old ones to join me!)>>>>



Happy New Year from Authentic Self!

It’s 2013 and the time of year where everyone is reassessing life and making New Years Resolutions.

Did you make some?

Finally going to start eating better? Did you join a gym? Going to spend more time with your kids? Watching less tv?

I never bother with New Years Resolutions because I find the pressure ridiculous and I prefer to start something new whenever I feel the urge, whether January or June, so I can ride the wave of enthusiasm.

January is a bad month for depression. When the credit card bills start coming in, the bill start stacking up and you start to see that you haven’t been successful at your resolutions, it’s easy to fall into a deep state of hopelessness, overwhelm or sadness.

If that is a pattern for you, try this exercise now. Get in the habit so that you don’t fall into those January blues.

Every night write down ONE thing you’re thankful for or happy about from the day and WHY it made you happy.

Every Sunday night read the list. You’ll have several things (depending on when you started) to remind yourself on why life is pretty good.

Continue this beyond January and I promise you’ll be feeling better and better as the year goes on.

So if you make any resolutions, make that exercise one of them too. Make the time to remember the good things in life and take the time to cherish them!

Authentic Self Update

This is just a very quick note. We had the baby! A very healthy baby boy, whom we named Finlay. He’s keeping me busy and full of laughter. Because of that, I’m extending the quiet time in my business. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in coaching or numerology as I will be taking LIMITED clients until January 2013, at which time I will once again reassess my priorities.

Until then, I have a few cool projects in the work for fall. You’ll find out more about them in September and October.

The website is still undergoing work on the back end, so things will look bare until I get that completed. I’m not in a rush, since I’m reviewing and re prioritizing!

Have a wonderful Fall!

The winds of change

I’m going through some changes in the technology I use to run my business. I’m switching shopping carts and autoresponders and because of this, the website will be under construction until I get things settled! That’s why things look bare, you’re running into 404 errors and links aren’t working.

Don’t worry, I’m getting it fixed!


   :-) Kim

Things are quiet over the next few months!

I’m taking a short maternity leave from May to September in order to bond with my new bundle of joy, enjoy the summer and adjust to a new lifestyle/schedule. Things will be quiet around here until then, and coaching and numerology services are not available during this time. I also will be very quiet on the blog, in social media and my ezine will not be published regularly. Things will (hopefully) return to normal in the Fall.

Thanks for understanding!



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