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Dump The Junk eCourse Lesson 10

I realized that due to technology issues, not everyone received the last lesson in my Dump The Junk eCourse! The best way to fix it is to offer it up to all (although it won’t make as much sense if you haven’t completed lessons 1-9).

Here is what you should have received:

Hi again!

This is the last *official* lesson in the Dump The Junk eCourse. (I will
be offering you the chance to sign up for a Live Bonus call on the topic
of living in the moment and all the myths that go along with that).

When it comes to cleansing your life of things that don’t work,
the first step is to realize that IT ISN’T WORKING IN THE FIRST PLACE!

You can’t change a darn thing if you’re in denial. And pretending
everything is fine only makes it harder in the long run.

My favorite indicator that I need a Life Cleanse? Things feel hard.

  • Nothing is flowing properly.
  • My friends annoy me.
  • I feel cr@ppy about my weight/body.
  • I dread work (and I’m self employed, so that’s bad!).
  • I can’t seem to get anything right, no one seems to respond the
  • way I want them to and I feel totally frustrated and ready to throw in the towel.

Usually about the 5th day of this, the light clicks on and I go
back, reassess and purge all of the things (usually just a bunch
of stale thoughts) holding me back.

With a good Life Cleanse under my belt (I’ve done the process so
often, my usually takes less than a day, but the first time it
took months!) I feel better and things start to get easy again.

So, for the final lesson, we actually go back to the beginning.
Recognizing it’s times to dump the junk and bounce back!

Resilience can be taught!
Being aware enough to realize that when things get hard, it’s

This lesson (in the form of a radio show I did last spring) will
help you to get over any fear holding you from really cleansing
your life by sharing
–how to make No Fail Decisions
–How to manage fear
–How to bounce back when life gets frustrating!

Here is the lesson:
If life is hard, you’re doing it wrong!

I’ll be letting you know about the Bonus coaching call as soon
as I have all the details finalized.


PS: Had to share this quote:

  Happy people know that regardless of what happened yesterday, last
month, years ago –or what might happen later today, tomorrow or next
year –now is the only place where happiness can actually be found
and experienced.

~ Richard Carlson, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”

Be Happy Now.



Are you letting your JUNK pile up?

I had eye surgery last Friday. Besides minor discomfort, and the inability to read or spend much time on my computer for 3 days, it was not a big deal.

Something strange happened, though. After wearing glasses for 20 years, I found myself feeling like a part of my identity was gone. Strange? Yes. Silly? Probably…but it’s given me the opportunity to, literally, have a new pair of eyes and a fresh perspective.

So, as I was lying on my couch last Friday afternoon, I was thinking about the other things in my life that don’t belong any more (besides glasses) that I’d been tolerating for too long. Luckily, there weren’t many things, and nothing major. My list contained:

How to Brazingly Set Priorities to Achieve Success in Business

Loved this thought and had to share it with you guys:

Decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage to pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically say ‘NO’ to all other things.

No idea where I got that quote. Maybe it’s someone famous. Maybe I got it from a movie or maybe I ‘divinely downloaded’ it from the Universe.

I do know that I had to share it and I definitely want to know what you think! Comment below with thoughts. Is this hard for you? Do you even know what your focus is on? Is this a selfish mindset? Don’t be afraid, share!

What would you do if you found out you had 1 week to live?

Perhaps this topic is at the forefront of my mind because of the recent (and very unexpected) death of one of my closest friends in high school, or perhaps it’s due to watching “Life or Something Like It.” Regardless of the reason (I suspect a combination of both) it is something I am thinking about.

It is my experience that NOTHING makes you think about your own mortality like the death of someone you know. It’s especially scary when the person is your age.

If I had one week to live, here is what I would do:

  1. Call each of my loved ones to tell them how much they mean to me.
  2. Visit my family.
  3. I’d then grab my husband and we’d go on the adventure of a life time. This would include a hot air balloon ride, staying in the most expensive hotel I could find (and jumping on the bed), visiting Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains and swimming in the ocean again.

Now that I’ve created my 1-Week-to-Live Bucket List, I’m wondering why I don’t do those things now.

Hmmmm, why DON’T I do those things now? Because I am human, and I take things for granted. And because of THAT, I have plenty of excuses. All of which come down to time and money.

And I’m a bit ashamed about the simplicity of my list, and the excuses I have for NOT doing #1 and #2. In fact, I think I will completely #1 with some of my loved ones tonight. It just seems like the least I could do, to not take life (and loved ones) for granted.

And so I pose this question to you…what would you do if you found out that you had 1 week left on earth? Would this put things into perspective for you? Would you immediately recognize what is important to you?

I’d love for you to comment below and tell me what you think. What would you do and what are you waiting for?

PS–Just talked to husband about hot air balloon ride. It’s in the works ;-) . I will provide pictures.

I am NOT my Car…Getting Over Attachments

I originally wrote this for a guest blog post 2 years ago. I felt the need to re-share it this week.

In these current economic times, I feel that it is particularly important for people to remember that their possessions do not reflect who they are as human beings. This is a story to help us all remember who we really are inside.

About a year ago, my husband and I were grocery shopping. We pulled into the lot, and parked near a very interesting vehicle.

It was a beat-up, black, sub-compact car (similar to an old VW Rabbit, but I don’t know what the make actually was) that had writing all over it! In white (paint or marker, I’m not sure) it had things like, “I am not my car,” “Over 300,000 km and still going strong,” and “My possessions do not define me!” I looked at the rusty, dented car as I walked by and laughed thinking, “They must have a lot of courage to drive that thing around town,” and completely missing the point.

This beat-up little car started to really get to me; I started to think about my own car. It was getting old, a little rusty and I was often embarrassed to drive it – especially when I knew I’d be parking it beside some of my friends’ shiny brand new cars.

I had a good job, it’s not like I couldn’t afford a better car, but my husband and I thought that we’d pay down some other debt and built up our savings before we would get something newer. Telling myself that I was “responsible and pragmatic” about my car-situation didn’t always make me feel better parking beside a brand-new SUV but I pretended that I was okay with it.

After seeing this car everything hit home! “That’s right! I am NOT my car,” I said firmly to myself a couple days later when I was feeling embarrassed about the state of my car. I began to ponder this further in my mind and apply it to other area’s of my life.

I am not my car, my job, my spouse, my family, my house, my neighborhood, my level of education, the clothes I wear, the friends I keep, the food I eat. So if those things are not me, then who am I?

Who I am can be defined more by what I am not, than by what I am. My identity lies in my authentic self; the self that is there even after I sell my car, or move to another country.

The point I am trying to make is: if I were to lose my possessions, or change them, would I still exist? And my answer to this is, yes. That is why I don’t entangle my identity with my physical environment. I drive a nicer car now, yes, but I’m still the same woman who drove the old car. I own a wonderful home in the suburbs, but this hasn’t changed me from who I was when I lived in an apartment in the city. And if I had to sell my home, or downgrade my car, I would still be the same person.

Not to say that people don’t change throughout their lives, but I am saying that people should not think they will change because of their things.

Possessions don’t make people. Life makes people. So let go of the idea that your designer handbag makes you a better you than if you had a cheap one. Do not fool yourself that driving a BMW means you’re happier than if you were driving a Chevy. Do not let these things define you because in the scary case where they leave and you have nothing left…you still exist, and everything important remains.

Want to use this in your eZine or on your blog? Sure as long as you don’t change anything and include the following:

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