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Happy in Business Radio: Debbie LaChusa, The Business Stylist

Debbie LaChusa, Happy in Biz RadioWith a degree in Business and Marketing and 26 years of real-world experience, Debbie has built three successful 6-figure businesses along with many successful brands, including several of her own: 10-step marketing®, The 6-figure Work-at-Home Mom, The Career-at-Home Mom, and The Business Stylist™.

Being Happy in Business is about deliberately designing a business you know will satisfy your lifestyle, financial, and “purpose” goals. It means your business has to “fit” you.

It’s not about modeling what someone else has done as many of us have been taught.

After all, we are NOT that person. When you can identify where your passions, your purpose, and your unique gifts and talents can come together to solve a need in the marketplace and design a business that enables you to do that in a way that is fulfilling and creates change in the world, you have the magic formula. It’s not always easy to do, but it is the secret to being Happy in Business.

As The Business Stylist, this is exactly what Debbie LaChusa does for her clients and it’s what she’s going to share with us on the show.You can learn more about Debbie and her business makeover and branding programs.

Join us on April 28th at 3pm Eastern.

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