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Diagnosing Self Doubt- 3 Signs that you lack clarity

woman struggling with fear, self sabotage, and limiting beliefsWhen it comes to life and business, lack of clarity will hold you back from happiness and fulfillment.

You waste time chasing what someone else wants.

You waste money on programs you don’t need.

You waste energy worrying and procrastinating (and then feeling guilty afterward).

It all comes down to a form of self doubt that is completely manageable: Clarity.

I’m a guest expert in a telesummit in a few weeks and I was going over some prep notes for my talk on finding clarity in a frustrating world. I realized how common (and manageable) this challenge is for women and I want this post to help you diagnose and move forward.

First you have to identify that your lack of progress in getting what you want IS lack of clarity. I have 3 signs that immediately remind me it’s time to get back to the basics:

  1. I procrastinate. When I’m feeling foggy, I’ll decide I need to repaint the bathroom and then spend 2 days thinking about paint, colour schemes and bathroom decor. Sometimes a break is warranted and a break-through soon follows but if you find yourself focusing on non-goal oriented tasks more than once every few months, you’re procrastinating.
  2. I give up. I get so overwhelmed at choices that I think why bother and spend a few hours in a complete, whiny funk. Luckily, I’ve gotten really good a noticing when I slip into overwhelm mode and I reach out for support from my best friend in business! If you get the urge to throw in the towel more than once a week, you’re overwhelmed.
  3. I chase every new program, sign up for every single teleseminar and decide that what I REALLY need is to learn more about (fill in the blank with latest lifestyle/biz fad). This is really common (it’s called Bright Shiny Object Syndrome)  if you’re new to business, or making a niche/brand switch. The internet is a blessing and a curse because SO much information is readily available. If you see your calendar filled with more than 1 teleseminar a week OR if you are on more than 10 eZine lists, Bright Shiny Object syndrome could be your clarity challenge.

Obviously these are fairly subjective signs that you lack clarity, but the underlying theme is serious: without clarity you are wandering aimlessly, unhappily, unsuccessfully through life and then beating yourself up at the end of the day when you’re no closer to your goal. 

Once you’ve dumped the Junk not working, you can easily identify what you want and move forward. It’s pretty easy to just do it, when you know what to do AND why you’re doing it.

If you think you need help dumping the Junk, let me know! I’m here to help (and it’s a painless process, honest). Grab your Dump The Junk & Be Happy ebook to get started.

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