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Success = Passion + Intensity + Opportunity

I subscribe to Success magazine. It’s a fantastic resource, full of inspiration articles and stories.

I was reading about Gillian Michaels (the trainer for the Red Team on the Biggest Loser) and she has a lot of things to say about success, health, wealth and being authentic. Something really struck me, though, and I really had to share some of her insights.

Gillian’s Formula for Success (according to me)

“I opened myself up to the opportunities that came my way, and I pursued them with passion and intensity. And when you do that and you stay open, then you allow those opportunities to manifest in ways that they are meant to.”

Oh my goodness! A women aligned with my own self. What a great way to describe how the Law of Attraction works. She also said this:

“Do you see failure as a validation that you’re worthless, or do you see failure as an entry point for learning so you grow stronger and wiser and better? And do you see failure as an integral part of success? Taking ownership of the state of your life, you’re empowering yourself to change it in any way you choose.”

Again, thank you, Gillian…I couldn’t agree more!