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Letting go of what others’ think

The Next Premium Membership call is on Monday, August 23, and it’s all about how to let go of what other’s think.

Let It GO! How to let go of what others’ think…and start living your life, your way

Obviously, to keep the world running smoothly, and to not throw us all into complete anarchy, we have to care what other’s think to some extent. But I’m not talking about manners, social norms, or cultural rules. That stuff is fantastic, as a common courtesy for your fellow human beings.

I am talking more about the deep down, dark, scary “stuff” that you need to show in order to fully be you. You know, the light that you want to shine, but feel it’s silly, new agey, off-the-wall, and will send your close family and friends running for the hills shrieking “Witch!”

All kidding aside, you know exactly what I mean. It is important to understand that by shading that light, you are hiding a part of the real you, and you will always feel like something is missing. On the Premium Call, I’m going to teach you the exact process for letting that go.

Whether it’s the Law of Attraction, believing in angels, thinking you’re psychic, or letting people know that you believe there is a God, (which can be hard if you’re the intellectual, analytical, academic kind) you don’t have to fear what other people will say if you let that side show.

Fear is a human construct, with 2 exceptions: we are born with the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. EVERYTHING else is something we have absorbed from others or created for ourselves. And it isn’t the fear of the actual “thing” that scares us…it’s the thought behind the thing.

You’re not afraid of telling people you believe in angels and that they guide your life and keep you safe, you’re afraid of the thoughts you have created thinking you know their anticipated responses. Sounds confusing, but it isn’t really.

For example, I am terrified of snakes. To the point where even seeing them on TV makes me squirm. Sometimes I close my eyes and tell my husband to let me know when the scene is over because they just give me the heebie-jeepies. Ick. I can’t even stand thinking about them now, as I write this!

BUT, it isn’t the actual snake that I’m afraid of. If that were the case, seeing the snake on TV would not elicit any response from me. My rational brain would tell me that there is no actual snake in front of me, and that I am safe. Therefore, I’d have no fear of snakes, except when they were in front of me…which is…never!

However, my brain has a “story” about snakes that it tells itself: They’re creepy, they’re slither, they appear in unexpected places, they surprise the heck out of you when you’re walking through the grass, they will pop up and bite you.

Again, the only snakes in my part of the world are small and completely harmless unless you’re a bug of some kind. They’re good for the environment, and I haven’t come across one in years! Yet, I still have a “thing” about them.

You have the same “thing” about being you. You have a story you are telling yourself about what others think, and what it will do to you. The problem with this, is that you know that you need to be you. In order to fulfill your hopes, dreams and goals — to be happier, healthier and wealthier, you KNOW that you need to release this fear.

I can live with my fear of snakes because I rarely see them and they do not affect my ability to be happy in life. I could not live and be happy while being afraid of what people thought if they see me as new-agey and woo-woo by my fairly conservative neighbors, family members and friends...and so I let that fear go! It still pops up, (hey, I’m not perfect!) but I have found a way around it, a way that I wish to share with you.

I can live my life, my way…and be happy! And so can you.

So in this members-only, Premium Call,

I am sharing:

  • 3 ways to identify if someone is holding you back in life (and what to do).  I have a feeling you know this already, deep down, but I’m going to dig it up for you and remind you of it!
  • A 5-Step Strategy for letting go of what others think, without cutting out everyone in your life! (no sense being YOU, all alone!)
  • The 2 teeny-tiny little words that will COMPLETELY empower you to change how you view everything! It’s absolutely the most freeing phrase in the English language!

And I’ve got way more information and cool techniques for you!

Join us NOW or check out more information about the Premium Membership over at! (Join us NOW and get access to 3 months of Archives in the private forum AND set your inaugural status BEFORE the price DOUBLES in October...never pay more than your current monthly price)

Catch you on Monday!

Let It Go…

Based on feedback I got from my latest How Can I Help You? survey, I’ve created the next series for the Premium Membership calls (view previous call topics here)! I noticed a lot of people are struggling with fear and being weighed down (figuratively and literally). Most wanted more information on being happy with their bodies, as well as letting go of being afraid of what other people think….so to combat those predicaments, I’m creating the Let It Go series!

Release yourself from the prison of:

  • Worrying about what other people think of you (learn that it’s none of your business)
  • Believing what your inner critic is yelling, (don’t believe everything you think)
  • Needing utter perfection in your life so that you can continue the facade of happiness (no Martha Stewart’s allowed)

More details will come in the coming months, but starting in August 2010, Premium Members are guaranteed to learn how to let the junk go! See the basics below.

4 Part Series: Let It Go!

  1. … What other’s think. How to stop caring and start living!
  2. Excess weight. How to finally be happy where you are, and watch the weight fall off as a “side-effect”!
  3. “Emotional baggage.” How to release the “junk” you’ve accumulated from past heart-ache, disappointment and  failure.
  4. Perfection. When and where “good enough” is good enough!

If you’re interested in ANY of the topics above and need information you can quickly and easily apply to your own life, make sure you stop by the Premium Membership page and check out exactly what Premium Membership means for you and how you can join us for less than a fast-food meal each month! (Hurry so you don’t miss out on that Charter Members pricing, the monthly fee WILL GO UP).